TUNA BUSTER 50-100 6′


The 6' Tuna Buster 50-100# rod is built with the gold Stuart medium wind on guides and the Stuart #2 aluminum 2 piece butt

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The Tuna Buster 50-100 6′ has always been one of our favorite offshore rods for targeting Tuna, Marlin Swordfish and big Bull Dolphin. It comes with the gold Stuart medium wind on guides for maximum knot clearance which look absolutely beautiful on the back of any boat! This rod fills the gap between standard trolling rods and the 80’s and 130’s are too big for the belt and harness. You’ll love the action of this rod when you’re pumping on a big Wahoo, Tuna, or Swordfish. It is truly a perfect rod for the job at hand. Ideally matched with 50 and 80 class reels of your choice. The finest rod we offer for your Tiagra 50 sized reels.





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