DEEP DROP 80-130


This Deep Drop rod comes complete with 3 heavy duty guides, a Stuart curved butt and the Aftco heavy duty swivel tip.

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Our Deep Drop 80-130# is designed to hold the biggest, most powerful electric reels on the market. These rods have been proven by the most demanding fisherman over the past 10 plus years and they will last a lifetime. They are built with the Fuji Silicon Nitride, extra tough and hardened ring guides as standard or you can call us and change them to the Aftco or Stuart Wind On roller guides. These rods will come in our standard Blue and Gold wrappings to match your set or custom colors are available upon request. They come complete with a Stuart #4 aluminum curved butt. We use an Aftco heavy duty Swivel top for the tip. The DDR 80-130 has a much more powerful tip than our lighter duty Deep Drop 60-100 rod and it will definitely handle whatever it is you want to winch up from the deep! If you want to fill the cooler very fast, have a great time fishing and catch some exotic monsters from the deep….. this is the rod for you. The most powerful Deep Drop rod we offer. Put one on each corner of the transom.


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