Calstar Daytime Swordfish Rod


Our sword rods all have a #4 bent butt to fit the LP S1200 electric reels. We load these top with a full set of Fuji Silicon Carbide SIC hardened guides that will last you a lifetime without failure! Exactly what you need when using heavy duty braided line. We top that off with a Winthrop roller tip, the only way to go. The recessed roller will guarantee that your braided line never gets pinched and cut like some other rollers will do. The extra large opening will easily allow your knots to pass through with plenty of knot clearance.

Our custom hand made finger notched X-grips are always the perfect finishing touch! They look and feel amazing and are truly a one of a kind grip that is extremely durable.

These Swordfish rods have been tested and proven here locally and out of the country by some of the biggest names in Swordfishing and continue to produce some amazing fish!


The Platinum Series Calstar Swordfish rod is a must have for anyone serious about getting into the latest Swordfish craze! The soft action on the Calstar rod blanks is exactly what you will need when battling these monsters from the deep!


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