Our small 4′ Gaff with the 3″ hook is great to have for an extra gaff as well as those quick and easy Gaff jobs. Perfect Gaff to have for smaller fish or just for having an extra helper Gaff on board!

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The 4′ Gaff with the 3″ hook comes with our beautiful Blue and Gold custom wrappings to match your rod set. The 4′ Gaffs are great to have on  board when you need a smaller gaff or a second gaff to get the job done. They are much easier to handle when you have a smaller fish such as Dolphin, Tuna, Kingfish and small Wahoo or even for those days when the Bonita are plentiful. They float too!


  1. superu


    What a gaff! It’s really beautiful. Thanks. I can hardly wait to use it.

    As soon as I figure out what sort of rods I think I’ll need, I will contact you and ask for some expert advice.


  2. superu

    WOW!!! I just got my gaff… I had no idea the gaff would be this nice!!! Bryan did a custom wrap to match my rods and added my boat name… The quality of the wrap and the heavy duty (but light weight) of the gaff was incredible… Can’t wait to sink it into some tuna!!!

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